EGONOMIA is a social experiment that creates a temporary pop-up economy based on personal values.

We give out free money to buy real things with. You only have to do a short questionaire about your personal needs and values. Then show up at the Economia festival on the 28/29/30th of april in Eindhoven to get your own personal cash.

Do you really spend money according to your values? Can you control the economy or does it control you? Come and find out!


  • Concept by: Wiepko Oosterhuis and Mark van der Net
  • Creative and technical lead: Mark van der Net (OSCity)
  • Money design:Hansje van Halem
  • Object design:Nicky Liebregts

  • Special thanks:Renny Ramakers, Suki de Boer, Ton van Gool, Alwin Beernink